Ajna Light® Transmission (60min)




The Ajna Light is a completely immersive experience that takes you to a Soul journey and explore your higher consciousness.


Channeled from Atlantis Civilization, it is acting as a Healing Accelerator while inducing in a Hypnogogia trance (the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep).


The powerful light stimulation device is designed to induce brainwave sensory entrainment that facilitates the ability to rapidly help and guide individuals into altered states of consciousness. The same states where Remote Viewing, Out of Body or Astral Projection take place.


In a 60min Ajna Light Transmission, we are connecting to your Higher Guides, and Higher Selves. Holding the space for deep Transformational Healing, Self-realizations, Soul growth, guidance and messages. Each Journey is particularly unique with intensive multi and inter-dimensional connections


In a private session, the Light can be used from15min to 45min depending on the conditions and needs in the moment.



The Light technology is a technique to help train your meditation practice into depths previously unexplored whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or even advanced. This Healing Accelerator Tool offers you all the benefits of meditation, energy healing sessions and Higher Guidance, as it allows you to connect to a very deep part of your core being which is Divine Light consciousness. And with enough sessions under the Ajna Light your brain can use the reference experiences to develop the intent to reach and stay in these states on your own.



  • Self-Healing

  • Soul Journey

  • Connecting to Higher-Selves and Higher Dimensional remembering

  • Access Inner Wisdom

  • Better sense of connection with a larger reality

  • Out of Body & Astral Projection experiences

  • Effortless Meditative state



Emotional / Mental

  • Deep Relaxation and sense of Bliss

  • Reduce state of Stress and Anxiety

  • Clarity of mind and emotions

  • Develop Intuition and Creativity potential

  • Better focus, memory recall, cognitive skills and problem solving



  • Improve Neuron / nerves cells connectivity

  • Regulate hormones secretion/production

  • Support DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) secretion – the spirit molecule

  • Increase Quality sleep

  • Improve Autism Behavior

  • Weaken Compulsive Behavior

  • Help to recover and release residues of Seizure trauma and Brain surgery

  • Develop the ability to increase size of the Brain’s grey matter


What does AJNA Mean?

The pineal gland, referred to as the Third Eye, the Eye of Horus or the Seat of the Soul, is a small pine cone shaped organ inside your brain that secretes hormones like melatonin, serotonin and DMT, the spirit molecule. Melatonin and serotonin are responsible for sleep or meditative states, and emotional states of well-being, bliss and euphoria. DMT effects range from time dilation, time travel, journeys to paranormal realms to encounters with spiritual Light beings from other dimensions. On the energy level, the pineal gland is the physical manifestation of the 6th Chakra; Ajna, associated with true mystic potential, perception of non-physical reality and spiritual wisdom.


“Dear Mathilde thank you very much for the amazing session with the Ajna-light, i must say that behind my closed  i saw explosion of the most beautiful colors and flow from one geometric shape to another until the flower of life appeared with harmony of colors into it

Simply amazing

After the session deep feeling of calm and peace was what stayed with me the whole day

Deeply grateful for this experience, blessings to you for your light work.” - D.Z.K

"The first time I consciously went home. 

I was at an Ajna Light group session at the Ascension Villa in Dubai, the way things come to you just when you are ready for them has always amazed me. We did together a beautiful meditation and then where asked to set our intentions for the session, so I stated the same phrase I have been saying most of the nights before going to sleep: “I open myself to receive guidance to be a pure conduit of the Divine on Earth”. 

With eyes closed the wonderful Atlantean technology started along with beautiful tones of music, everything inside became an explosion of colors, sacred geometry, psychedelic shapes forming in my inner vision, so beautiful, so powerful...

I consciously made a connection with Mother Earth and her love through my heart, I connected with the galaxy center as well, feeling the surges of energy swirling up and down inside, enjoying them with the innocence of a child. 

I started to go on a deeper state of relaxation, so deep that I could barely sustain my head vertically, I was very lucky to be closed to the wall where I rested my uncontrollable antennas. 

Breath became heavy, heart palpitations increased, temperature rose but I was determined to surrender to the experience of communion with my sacred intention. 

Suddenly the light inside became brighter, and brighter, and brighter, and I felt so much love that my heart burst and my eyes couldn't manage the tears of bliss and joy. Then came the thought: “Oh, I am Home”. 

I stayed at Home as long as I could, the ‘site’ is just pure love and light, there is no other way I could describe it but, the feelings! Oh, infinite peace, infinite knowing, infinite certainty, infinite expansion into the infinite. 

The emotions that came after the experience had to be managed, I felt bad because I didn't want to come back, it was hard coming again into the limits of the body and the 3D senses. 

But now I know the real meaning of this journey: I am home, I just need to bring here my remembrance of infinite unconditional love, the light, the softness, the harmony, all the Divine aspects that have been ever present in the sacred space of my heart.

And the promise to myself: I will keep opening my heart despite my ego’s pains." - Sonia


“After experiencing a Transient Ischemic attack (TIA) I was left with intense migraines, bad memory, constant fatigue and a disconnectedness to consciousness. Familiar with different holistic and spiritual health and wellness modalities Ajna Light was an unfamiliar method, but in my quest to find peace of mind and body I was open for solutions. The sessions gave me different visual experiences of a broad spectrum of colors and kaleidoscopic patterns, some being quite breathtaking. I also experienced a range of sensations and emotions, from soothing and relaxing to stimulated, transported and enlivened. I was achieving a deeply relaxed state which was manifesting itself in the days afterwards with hardly any migraines, a memory that's improving, experiencing more energy and motivation. I highly recommend this transformative tool for a profound inward journey which was expertly facilitated.” - L. Frankfurth

“Mathilde's light therapies and incredible gifts of her unique energy send me into a harmonious physical plane and insightful blessings.” - Solla Pizzuto

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