We provide the guidance, space, experience and knowledge required to assist you to (re)awaken your divine essence and to BE your higher-self. You will further embrace your unity consciousness and transform your timeline reality to its highest potential of harmony, growth, manifestation and abundance.


We are All part of the higher shift in consciousness, and Now it is the time to focus on its expansion and acceleration. Activate your heart opening of universal Love and wisdom to realize your purpose here on Earth.

Together we send our signatures of unity, Love and enlightenment along the path of human collective spiritual ascension.

From our Hearts to yours,

with Love and oneness.

We welcome you.

A note from Mathilde Lumiere & YogiGeorge

Mathilde Lumiere 


A spiritual teacher and lightworker mentor, who is specialized to awaken and raise your vibrational frequency to open the physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual gateways to Divine Love.

Mathilde Lumiere activates and guides you through remembering your unique gifts and soul theme. In her session, she is holding a strong space for transformational healing and life shifts.

Her inspirational path brings forth higher consciousness, wisdom and knowledge to assist you in reunifying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine inside-out and bringing back into your life, balance and unity within yourself, your relationships and your over-whole life so you manifest the reality of your true desires.

“You are in the process of embodying your Divine essence, and it is my honor to connect with you at this time on your journey. May you re-birth your Holy Light and arise in your Sacred Heart with pure grace, power of creation and solidity. In service of Humanity Awakening on the New Earth. Many Blessings of Love. - Mathilde Lumiere"

Founder of:

MD Healing "Harmonics of Light'

Session facilitated in French and English.


Master YogiGeorge

Accelerate your Christic self with YogiGeorge, Spiritual Mentor, Celestial/Galactic Channel and Science Scholar. He will lead you into an empowered consciousness expansion and self-realization journey, to awaken your Almighty power within. YogiGeorge has been actively committed for more than 15 years to elevate and assist individuals onto their spiritual path, freedom and energy work. With the fierce vision and creation of a unified planet and human family, for peace, abundance and harmony. "All is One, and One is All."

In his sessions and courses, you not only reconnect to your higher-self and soul/galactic families, open up your channel to universal consciousness and unconditional Love Christ energy, but you also receive powerful healing adjustment for immediate timeline shift. The transmissions activate your light quotient, light structure, channeling, heart matrix and psyche. It can only be experienced as you welcome this high frequency field to build your torus of Ascension and spiritual maturity.

Founder of:

Live in Harmony Program “Release Stress, Boost Creativity-The Office Yoga”  

Live in Harmony Community and Chakra Awakening School “The Holistic Journey of Learning, Self-Discovery and Awakening”


Session facilitated in English and Arabic