Hypnotherapy & Energy Healing


By sending the person into a deep relaxation state, we aim to trigger the body's mental and physical interaction process that lies in the subconscious.

Various techniques to open the neuro-pathways such as (re)integration of inner child, spirit guides and higher-self connection, past-life regression, dissolving thoughts patterns and attachments, reframing traumatic experiences and memories, recovering freedom and healing abilities, disintegrating separation.


Hypnotherapy is effective to realign physical, emotional and mental incoherence. From overcoming fears, addictions, stress and anxiety, lack of confidence and self-esteem, victimization and self-sabotage, feeling stuck in life, libido and child conception, loss of power and drive, physical tension and chronic pain to rewakening spiritual gifts, opening to harmonious relationships, manifesting desires, stepping up into life mission, activation spiritual connections, reconnection to galactic lineage.


We hold space for you to transmute the lower, heavy vibrational programming to welcome your new you, your best version in unity, harmony, peace, love and excitement of life. 

Session available with Mathilde Lumiere 

1h30 to 2h, AED 750


Energy Upgrades, Higher-Self Connection, Energy Body Alignment & Channeling

An opening into the higher gates and expansion of your Higher Self, Higher Guides, Soul/Star Families. 


Allow yourSelf to let go and release your limitations, conflicts, learn your lessons and refine your heart choices.

Allow yourSelf to be willing to change and evolve, to be compassionate to heal, to connect/align your Heart, mind, Soul and Divine Light.

Allow yourSelf to choose Love as your teacher and to shift to your highest potential at every moment, to shift in Self/Sharing Unconditional Love of Divine Source.

Allow yourSelf to re-discover your-Self and your life path, open up to your Soul, and embrace your journey with grace and fulfillment.


Session available with

YogiGeorge or Mathilde Lumiere 

1h30, AED 800 with YogiGeorge

1h30 to 2h, AED 750 with Mathilde


Children Reconnection & Awakening Session

Our sessions are tailored to each child’s needs. Up to 12 years old.

Yogi George will focus on reconnecting the Child to his/her inner guidance, higher selves and higher guides. Holding a safe place to express and remember the gifts and awaken channels.

We use energy games, sound, crystals, angel & Ascended Masters cards, and play to guide each child in his/her remembering and consciousness shift.

The mother can be present in the room, depending on the age, healing and session.

The parents will also receive guidance and practice to accompany the child in his Soul growth, realization, creativity and remembering. 

Other than the spiritual dimensions mentioned above, note that emotional healing related to anxiety, anger, loss of control, health mis-alignment, will be addresses directly with the Mother by Mathilde Lumiere for a Surrogate Healing session, based on Hypnotherapy. 

Session can vary from 45m to 1h30

1h or less: AED 500

1h and more: AED 600


Sound Therapy & Energy Alignement

It is a neurologically oriented alternative healing modality that combines the “science of sound” with the “art of vibration” to enhance the inherent harmonic frequencies of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Sound Therapy is one of the oldest and most natural forms of healing known.


A session combines sounds, vibrational harmonics, relaxation, energy healing and guidance.

It is very effective for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, calming and reducing stress, insomnia, anxiety, blood pressure, physical pain, energy and fluids congestion, womb and digestive system ailment,  etc.

Session available with Mathilde Lumiere 

90-120Min: AED 600



Each semi-private is specially tailored to the group intention and spiritual connections.

We are combining Self-Realisation and I AM declaration manifestation, Soul-Realisation Energy Adjustment, Guides and Higher connections.


We thank you for your Divine will, wisdom and love to pursue your christ heart embodiment in your quest of being your highest vibrational potential available in the now, to anchor it in the core of planet Earth and play your role in the 5D Golden Age timeline shift.



- Committed awakened souls willing to continue their alignment with the New Earth ascension cycle. Rising one's vibrational frequency often inquires rapid life changes.

- Advance booking

- Self-Preparation 


120min - Investment:

2 - 3 pers: AED 1,800

4 - 5 pers: AED 2,200

6 persons AED 2,500