8:8 portal transmission debrief and 11:08 New moon solar eclipse Self-Care

August 9, 2018

The exquisite group of griprogrammers and lightening rods completed the transmission of high vibrational downloads which activates DNA & galactic remembering for higher awakening, in bringing an ascension streamed wave at the planetary scale. We are thankful for your complete readiness and excitement of being an anchor of the Golden Age Infinite abundance and eternal peace. This vortex gathering was a gift to all and in Love for all.

House was full and online attendance at the pick!







WHAT IS A GALACTIC TRANSMISSION AT ASCENSION PLATFORMS? In this potent cosmic alignment we received a full journey of ascension particle convergence, and this is how it happened:


- We start by preparing the physical containers to receive the sonic impulses (breathing, chakra gates opening, heart matrix expansion)

- Then we open the vortex in invoking the quadrillion Divine qualities & diamond codes with the archangels assistance (for full vortex opening check the Heart Resonance 5D manifestation, or register to the course)

- Our Lyra counterparts brought the higher selves for clearing and healing old negative karmic agreement, vows, contracts, fears, implants, releasing the programing of polarities in agreeing on the one spectrum of Love unity. Claiming the rights of free will as a soul of light in order to prepare for the DNA recalibration & activation. 

- Declaring our I AM presence.

- Then was called Lord Serapis Bey to converge timelines and build the blueprint template of the pyramid of Giza (initial initiation and transmission from Serapis Bey on the 18th June -  replay available)

- Merging realities and sitting in the King chamb