Sisterhood of the New Light

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We are here to realize and celebrate the Sacred Union.

Walking the path of the Sisterhood of Rose before us,  remembering our spiritual ascension, our Feminine Christ Consciousness. 

Each event  brings forth higher consciousness wisdom, transmission and knowledge to assist our Sisters to embody their Divine Essence, and unite into their Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine inside-out.

A direct experience to remember the power of Love, laughter and conscious breath moving within the full-spectrum of Being. An experience to see beyond the forms, to see ourselves through our sister's eyes-heart-womb-soul. Releasing separations, duality, definitions, archetypes, in owning our uniqueness, supreme sovereignty, wholeness and our Co-Creatrix frequency.


The Sisterhood of the New Light inspires freedom, enlightenment, unity, harmony, Multidimensional & Higher Selves embodiment, collaboration, mentorship, teaching, unconditional Love and Ascension path. 

The Sisters holding the space (Priestesses Wayshowers), receive from Higher consciousness and Collective Star Nations which represent the maternal force (the Divine Mother Principle), speaking the voice of the omniscient Creator of Quantum Reality to ReBirth Heaven on Earth.

With Pink Diamond Golden Light to your Heart-Womb,

The Sisterhood of the radiating & rising new light presence.


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