Ascension Pathway is a channel for spiritual wisdom, awakening, strength, maturity and mastery. Are you ready to embrace your soul fulfilment & Divine Union?
We offer courses, training programs, mentorship, weekly group sessions and live talk, intensive practices, energy alignment, attunements & community support. All are available online, livestream and in person.

Together we are on a journey of remembrance to:

• (Re)awaken your core essence and spiritual gifts,
• Manifest your highest timeline of living and be your best expression,

• Grow and liberate your consciousness,

• Be a channel of Love, healing and transformation for yourself and human collective on Mother Earth,
• Open, build and expand your heart resonance, light body and psyche connections,
• Embrace the state of bliss and divine presence,

• Welcome the divine Light of creation and your wisdom maturity to realize your life purpose,
• Become a unity consciousness catalyst for a global change.

It is our honor to connect with you at this time of your journey.
A journey of reconnection,
A journey of self-realisation,
A journey of Love, as Love, through Love,
A journey for global change, unity consciousness, harmony and collective ascension,
A journey to I AM Presence.

Is there a higher purpose in life, rather than vibrating and being Unconditional Love?  A state from which you create and manifest your reality which vibrates liberation and glory.

You are created uniquely and of Divine essence. There is no aspect of your life separated from your spiritual journey and there is no aspect of you that is not of divine origin.


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Awakening Humanity in raising Its vibration and expanding Its consciousness.

Serving as a bridge to higher dimensions and guiding our brothers and sisters into the maturity of their divine essence and potential.

Lighting up the collective on its journey towards self-realization and reunification.


Offering and sharing a legacy to partake and to engage in Its spiritual ascension and liberation of the Heart.

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Journey heart opened into your undiscovered glory by joining our community. Be held by world teachers and masters, loved by a unified family, and liberated by wisdom and teachings that unveil the divine within you.
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 A monthly subscription to benefit from:

+ The weekly paid sessions

+ Extra events, consciousness talks

+ Our archives and library

+ Our Spiritual Gym and Energy Practices

From $22 to $77 (80AED to 280AED) per month.

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"This is a must go place if you are serious about your spiritual growth. I have been a student of Goerge since 2015 his teaching and his healing energy has helped me immensely in understanding the phases of my spiritual awakening gaining inner strength and learn how to master my reality and attaining inner peace. I am still a serious spiritual seeker and a dedicated student of Goerge and his lovely wife Mathilde I join their weekly sessions the 5D heart resonance and I see Goerge in private sessions I have seen tremendous positive shifts in my spiritual ascension and in my physical reality, as well as a deeper understanding of the human existence and the consciousness evolution which all helped me to have deeper connection with God and live authentically"

Dawser Al Hadidi


I am beyond grateful to the ULove family, immense growth of my energy field and expansion beyond measures. I totally feel connected, grounded and deep healing happened to my every being . I am grateful to George & Mathilde to anchor the the Light And Love to Mother Earth And to everyone’ Heart .



"world class spritual teachers with pure intentions. 
Love George and Mathilde."

Yanni Wong


"The most transforming change happened today. Immense immense gratitude from my heart to yours.Thank you for your ascension platform and holding space for all. and thanks beautiful Mathilde. Immense gratitude for the space you hold for all women. Best place in a Dubai to raise your vibration! No doing, just being and receiving all the changes to open your heart to pure love, joy and peace."



"I joined George's group sessions since he started The Unity project in 2015 from the first session I got hooked .... the healing energy received during these sessions and the results after were enough to get me going back on regular bases. George healing abilities and deep spiritual knowledge has supported me in my spiritual journey...allowed me to unlock my personal powers claim more of my right to live in a state of peace and joy"

Dara Al Hadidi


"Soooooo much love for both of you..,. My god the energy was sensational, electrical and amazing... I'm grateful for both of you, There was so much light. From the start a vortex opened above me and was pulling stuff out.... then it felt like my whole body was above me and I was really cold. My heart is fullllll or magic. Thank you for being with us.

"I am very happy to have shared that day with you in celebration. Yes it is very full on. I can't wait for the monday meditation to continue it's become a very important part of my life"