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About Us

Ascension Pathway is a conduit for consciousness transformation, spiritual wisdom and mastery. 
We offer online training courses, group sessions, intensive practices, energetic alignments, community support, mentorship and private sessions.

Are you ready to embrace your soul fulfilment & connect with your Divine presence?

Together we are on a journey of remembrance to;

• Reawaken our core essence and spiritual gifts,

• Grow and liberate our consciousness,
• Manifest our highest timeline of living and be our best expression,

• Be a channel of Love, healing and transformation for ourselves and the human collective,
• Embrace the state of bliss and divine presence,

• Welcome the divine Light of creation and our wisdom to realize our life purpose,
• Become a unity consciousness catalyst for a global change.

It is our honour to connect with you at this time of your journey. A journey of Love, as Love, through Love,

You are created uniquely and of Divine essence. There is no aspect of your life separated from your spiritual journey and there is no aspect of you that is not of divine origin.

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Our Mission

Awakening Humanity in raising Its vibration and expanding Its consciousness.

Serving as a bridge to higher dimensions and as a catalyst for spiritual growth

Lighting up the collective on its journey towards self-realization and greater alignment.


Offering and sharing a legacy to partake and to engage in Its spiritual ascension and unity consciousness.

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Our Presence & Offerings

Private Sessions
training programs
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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