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Imagine yourself in the ever expanded fabric of the universe. Imagine yourself being part of this infinite network, consistently created and shaped by the visible and non-visible, infused with the many experiences, the learnings and memories accumulated through many lifetimes. Imagine yourself in the totality of your being, and expand beyond what the mind can imagine. Allow this state of wholeness, of unconditional Love to fuel your entire being and trust that your inner knowing will emerge as a result of this surrender. And as you perceive your reality differently, yourself differently, all relationships and the purpose of this experience differently, you will find a greater freedom. This experienced reality is a gift to human consciousness to evolve, awaken, and become its own creator, its own master. Yet this mastery of human existence must and will start with you, individually, and I am honoured to be on this path with you, together to revive your truth. 

My sessions are available in English and Arabic, you can book yours below.

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George Nooran

Welcome in awareness this part of you that has been longing to emerge through a substantial self-realization journey and towards greater consciousness. For more than 20 years, I have been actively committed to elevating and assisting individuals into their spiritual path and liberation of their hearts, minds and all kinds of limitations. I am a spiritual mentor, science scholar, higher realms and higher consciousness channel, yet my dedication and global work make the project of a unified planet and human family, my primary priority and service to human evolution. "All is One, and One is All."

In my sessions you open up your constructs to the depth of your presence, the Love of Creation, and reconnect to your higher-self and soul/galactic families, not only your surrender to your learnings and resolutions, but you also receive an impactful healing adjustment for immediate growth. These unique transmissions can only be experienced as you welcome this high-frequency field for cultivating your depth of presence towards the path of enlightenment.

You can ask me all your questions to free your mind and open up to your Divine vessel, an ultimately meet the space within you that has all the answers.

With my wife Mathilde, we have held in Dubai extensive teachings and near to 600 group sessions, that are now exclusively online. Our community work has evolved and you can meet us there to continue your practices, your dedication and commitment to yourself, your creative force, spiritual path and life itself.

Founder of:

Al Noor One Academy

Live in Harmony Program “Release Stress, Boost Creativity-The Office Yoga”  

Live in Harmony Community and Chakra Awakening School “The Holistic Journey of Learning, Self-Discovery and Awakening”

How to book?

To book your consultation session please click here, or connect with me on Telegram.


An Online Consultation Session duration varies between 60 to 90 Minutes. Fees per session are 1200 AED / 285 Euro / 325 USD

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