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​Dear Yogi George and dear Mathilde Lumiere your love and support is incredible. I have experienced so much of growth and progress since I connected with you guys! My deepest gratitude to you, Mathilde Lumiere, Ascension Platforms for guiding every step of the way, for planting seeds of consciousness, for shining divine light in soulful meditations. For being the living examples of love, compassion, discernment. And so much more . Truly grateful. Much regards to Ascension Platforms and the family members..

Urmila Rao


"This is a must go place if you are serious about your spiritual growth. I have been a student of Goerge since 2015 his teaching and his healing energy has helped me immensely in understanding the phases of my spiritual awakening gaining inner strength and learn how to master my reality and attaining inner peace. I am still a serious spiritual seeker and a dedicated student of Goerge and his lovely wife Mathilde I join their weekly sessions the 5D heart resonance and I see Goerge in private sessions I have seen tremendous positive shifts in my spiritual ascension and in my physical reality, as well as a deeper understanding of the human existence and the consciousness evolution which all helped me to have deeper connection with God and live authentically"

Dawser Al Hadidi


I am beyond grateful to the ULove family, immense growth of my energy field and expansion beyond measures. I totally feel connected, grounded and deep healing happened to my every being . I am grateful to George & Mathilde to anchor the the Light And Love to Mother Earth And to everyone’ Heart .



"Best place in a Dubai to raise your vibration! No doing, just being and receiving all the changes to open your heart to pure love, joy and peace."

Roopali Bajaj


Heartresonance is stepping in a power that supports your wholeness on this planet earth to live your life at the fullest and most magnificient way in bright light so you can shine like 1000 suns all together as one. So it is. Ohm



The course was very helpful and contained a lot of useful information on spirituality. Meditations were amazing and theory was also well explained. Great for souls that are looking for connecting with others that are on the spiritual path. I loved the welcoming and home-like athmosphere of the place! Well done! Thank you, Mathilde and George!


Abu Dhabi

"I joined George's group sessions since he started The Unity project in 2015 from the first session I got hooked .... the healing energy received during these sessions and the results after were enough to get me going back on regular bases. George healing abilities and deep spiritual knowledge has supported me in my spiritual journey...allowed me to unlock my personal powers claim more of my right to live in a state of peace and joy"

Dara Al Hadidi


"I’m so happy to find this place. A beautiful safe space with bright souls, pure love and light. I took sound healing course and enjoyed every single moment ! So fascinating to learn more about other things they offer. And the perfect place to meet up all the amazing gifted spiritual peoples too. I always walk out with such a joy contentment and peace. My life changed and upgraded so much since I met Mathilde and George. Thank you"




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Thank you for sharing your experience and testimonial. From our Hearts to yours, in one heart.

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