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Are spiritual mentors, teachers and channels of higher consciousness combining nearly 30 years at service to support humanity’s evolution. When they encountered each other in Dubai, they instantly unified their forces and love to grow the English and Arabic communities of Pillars of Light and practitioners.

Now recently settled in France since 2021 and parents of a little girl, they continue more than ever to spread their love, passion and service.


Mathilde and George provide the guidance, experience and knowledge necessary to assist you to grow your consciousness, connect with your divine essence, and bring in more of your higher-self in your vessel. They hold space for you to remember the love of creation and anchor a new timeline reality for a greater potential of harmony, fulfilment, manifestation and abundance.


We are All part of the higher shift in consciousness, and Now it is the time to focus on its expansion and acceleration. Remember your state of presence and enlightenment to activate your purpose here on Earth.

Together we send our signatures of awakened beings along the path of human collective evolution.

From our Hearts to yours,

with Love and oneness.

We welcome you.

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Mathilde Lumiere & George Nooran
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Mathilde Lumiere 


Is a spiritual teacher, a pillars of light mentor, a mother and a catalyst for personal growth & self-realizations, who is dedicated to guiding you through remembering your unique gifts and soul signature. In her session, she holds a solid and nourishing field for transformational healing and life shifts, so you become a conscious creator and navigate your reality and relationships from new heights.

Mathilde is using holistic therapies and techniques to attune your vibrational frequency state to open up your physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual gateways for recognising subconscious resistances, breaking patterns, dissolving traumas, resetting spiritual connections, receiving initiations, retrieving your innate intelligence, activating consciousness upgrades and energetics alignments.

Also a trained Doula and Childbirth Educator, she has a special devotion to mothers and children. Calling it "Reclaiming your Motherhood Voice", she whispers wisdom, energetic and love support for welcoming the mothers into their power of conscious conception, conscious birth delivery and postnatal passage. She is a conduit for baby soul communication and reconnection. In the motherhood journey, Mathilde is also assisting with emotional release, fertility, trauma healing process and loss grieving. 

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English and French.

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George Nooran

Welcome in awareness this part of you, that has been longing to emerge, with George, a spiritual mentor, science scholar, higher realms and higher consciousness channel. He will guide you through a substantial self-realization journey and towards greater consciousness. For more than 20 years, George has been actively committed to elevating and assisting individuals into their spiritual path and liberation of their hearts, minds and limitations. His dedication and global work make him an active co-creator for a unified planet and human family, "All is One, and One is All."

In his sessions and courses, you not only open up your constructs to the Love of Creation and reconnect to your higher-self and soul/galactic families, but you also receive an impactful healing adjustment for immediate growth. These unique transmissions can only be experienced as you welcome this high-frequency field for cultivating your depth of presence towards the path of enlightenment.

Ask him all your questions to free your mind and open up to your Divine vessel.

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English and Arabic

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