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Welcome; this is a blessing and an honour to connect with you at this time of your journey, carving a milestone together as you make the decision to remember more of your potential, divine self, and capacities to build your true desire and life visions. It happens to all of us to feel stuck, need an extra push, help, or guidance to move forward, free ourselves, rise and find our light. This is what we come to find in my sessions and mentoring, a place where you meet the Unconditional Love within your existence.

You can book here your session in English or French.

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Mathilde Lumiere

I am a spiritual teacher, lightworkers mentor, mother and catalyst for personal growth & self-realizations, who is dedicated to guiding you through remembering your unique gifts and soul signature. In my session, I hold a solid and nourishing field for transformational healing and life shifts, so you become a conscious creator and navigate your reality and relationships from new heights.

In a private session, I use holistic therapies and techniques to attune your vibrational frequency state in order to open your physical, emotional, psychic and spiritual gateways for recognising subconscious resistances, breaking patterns, dissolving traumas, resetting spiritual connections, activating initiations, recollecting your innate wisdom, receiving consciousness upgrades and energetics alignments.

Also a trained Doula and Childbirth Educator, I have a special devotion to mothers and children. Calling it "Reclaiming your Motherhood Voice", I whisper wisdom, energetic and love support for welcoming the mothers into their power of conscious conception, conscious birth delivery and postnatal passage. I am a conduit for baby soul communication and reconnection. In the motherhood journey, I am also assisting with emotional release, fertility, trauma healing process and loss grieving. 

I certified hundreds of practitioners in lightwork and sound healing therapy, opening their path to self-healing and service to human evolution. With my husband George, we have held in Dubai extensive teachings and near to 600 group sessions, that are now exclusively online.

Our community work has evolved and you can meet us there to continue your practices, your dedication and commitment to yourself, your creative force, spiritual path and life itself.

How is the online session conducted?

Once we book our date and time, you will receive an email to prepare yourself. Sessions are conducted online, on Zoom.

A session is between 1h30 to 2h long.

The first session is: 750AED / 160EUR / 180USD

Following sessions are: 600AED/140EUR/ 160USD

  • The first part is a cognitive discussion where we open up intentions and topics to bring in awareness what we labelled, pushed away, disliked, feared or rejected, resulting in painful experiences, conflicts, lacks, limitations or unwanted feelings and behaviours. Each time bringing new angles and perceptions to deconstruct the negatives experiences accumulated and creating new states of being, new ways of living. Some exercises and practices can be given to set new habits and positive triggers.

  • The second part of the session comes as we move in a deep relaxed state, in the subconscious mind, in hypnotherapy. You will be lying down, entering with safety and softness your inner work to the root causes and inner layers of healing focus, reframing past experiences, perceptions or memories, accessing your entire being and beyond, visiting state and spaces never reached before, reintegrating the parts of yourselves left aside and being initiated to anchor your best version available to you.

  • Last we will close the session with an energetic alignment for the integration of the work established.


To book your session or ask your questions before booking, you can email or whatsap me.

Sessions are available in English and French.

+33 (0)6 49 89 03 98

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