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Join the English Program

At the end of 2020, we have merged our English community with Ascension One Collective, a US non-profit organization that meets our visions and spiritual devotion toward consciousness evolution. Rich in its programs offerings, training courses, Sacred Earth expedition, Pillars of Light in service, and much more, you will find us there in the courses facilitation and the Living Alignment Membership. Do you know that the offerings are now on a donation basis?

We met Asil Toksal, the founder of AOC, in 2017 from which emerged a solid and fast-growing collaboration, resulting in making a significant impact in the Middle East and in our work. Consequently and organically, we aligned and gathered our strengths going in the same direction. We are sharing all of our hearts and presence in what you are soon to discover and be part of.

Watch our video of introduction here.

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Ascension One Collective

We are delighted to welcome you to the Ascension One Collective Community. It's an online home for our members to gather with a spiritual family of shared values and missions, from all corners of the globe — to explore, grow together, and be there for each other on our journeys of growth and transformation.

In this online community, we strive to provide a sacred space for real connections, deep engagement, and even potential collaborations among the many members of the Ascension One Collective, a forward-thinking community of social and spiritual pioneers.

Ascension One Collective was created in response to the work of its founder Asil Toksal and the guides that come through this channeled work. 

Join our global community to virtually and collectively journey together with us, for each of our own inner spiritual transformations and the evolution of humanity and our sacred earth.

This place allows you to have access to the training programs, course spaces and public transmissions.

Training Courses Roadmap

There are 2 pathways of courses, Pillars of Light and Sacred Earth Practitioners. Each pathway bringing a specific training and intents that are obviously complementary if one wish to undergo both evolutions. In between courses, the participants are meeting in our monthly gatherings within the Living Alignment Membership for in-depth practices and topics, spiritual maintenance and energetic alignments.

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