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Price is per kilo and it is 639 AED per kilo

A chakra healing set is between 8 to 10 kgs

Certified Sound Practitioners by Ascension platforms benefit from 10% discount.



* Composed of 7 bowls, for each chakra.

* Unique in its resonnance and healing theme.

* Each bowl has between 3 to 5 harmonics.

* Energised and programed to the highest crystalline frequencies of love and transformation.

* Handmade of 7 metals and from Nepal.

* Tunned and created by Mathilde Lumiere, sound master.

* Mallets are not included



If needed, Mathilde Lumiere will guide you throughout the choice process, she will try them with you and on you. Blessings and special attenument will also be done once the Healing Set is chosen.



On average 45min of time is advised to select the healing set.

Contact: +971 (5) 0910 5688


Chakra Healing Set Tibetan Bowl

  • * On appointment basis


    * Contact Mathilde Lumiere: +971 (0)5 0910 5688

      Or email:


    * We accept bank transfer, cheque, cash, paypal.


    * We are located in Springs 4, Dubai

  • All items are energised and programmed with the Ascension Vortex Diamond Crystal Grid and Lyra Stargate.


    Being infused with Diamond Golden Light for Higher Heart activation and Divine Self embodiment, they hold the crystalline codes of Love, Healing (DNA restructuring), Spiritual Awakening (remembering) and Higher-Self connection.


    You will receive for the purchase of a copper pyramid or tibetan bowls

    a special attunement and activation in order to fully establish the connection with your new alchemised tool.

    Also to encourage with faith and clarity your soul core mission embodiment,

    to embrace and receive with purity your higher guidance connections,

    to spread the light and love radiance through your ignited heart,

    and to inspire and guide with grace and wisdom

    all that you meet in harmony, peace and unity.

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