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Experience the magnificent Light Coded channeled drawings and dive deeper into the embodiment of your Divine power within. Each channeling acts as an accelerator device to support your spiritual growth, divine connections and healing practices. It also help to shift the energy of your physical space, home and office.

Often used on the wall, in an altar or below a crystal grid. 

Printable on canvas or poster. A4 to A1 or square shape.

Each one represents specific light codes and light language translating high vibrational consciousness and frequencies. Such as holy beings, star beings, christ consciousness, Archangels, Seraphims, star constellations, Elohim,

star gates, councils of light, collective upgrades, etc.

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1 channeling: USD 151 + your choice of support (A1 to A4, on canvas or poster)


A SPECIAL DISCOUNT 10%  - use code "AP10"


Order your diamond light body channeled code.

It brings direct access to one's Higher Self, accelerating the connections and embodiment of the inner power for self-realization. It also support your chakras' alignment, activation and your Auric field expansion.

07 gates: USD 211

07 gates + Aura Expansion codes: USD 244

13 gates: USD 244

13 gates + Aura Expansion codes: USD 277

DeaAurelia's Website

"Diamond light body experience is beyond. When I meditate on it I experience myself in a different level different perspective different dimension .. exploring and floating. Allow it to take you in roads and alleys you never tapped into before. Self exploration journey guided by your higher-self your true essence. Connection expansion! expect the unexpected. Amazingly powerful tool that helps and assist you connect to yourself in a way that allows life to flow to support the hight best for you. The journey continues and I m in infinite love and appreciation of witnessing whats yet to unfold and unravel. Thank you DiDi

for being you and bless you for bringing this to our world .. so much

love and gratitude to you beautiful soul Sistar"  - Sue Wagdy


"I am a proud owner of my own custom diamond light codes channelled by Didi for my own one of a kind painting. Working with this and also just being in the same room and looking at other of Didi's powerful artworks always activates a strong tangible energy within me, particularly strong during my meditations. I strongly recommend

this as a gift for yourself and your loved ones!" - Caterina Valente

I" have requested the 7 chakras diamond light body code and as soon as I received it I felt connection with my heart chakra. When I meditate with it I see the light codes pouring down in a stream. I have amazing visions and inspiration. I am truly blessed to know Desi and her great work. She is amazingly connected with her gift and it is a privilege to have been a witness to her amazing transformation and remembering of her true nature. Much love and light on her way and keep the light codes streaming for the benefit of all beings." - Nonka



"I received a light code transmission of my higher self and have been meditating on the codes for a few months, I’ve noticed that my desire to meditate has increased and I feel the alignment to the messaging coming through immediately. I then received a dragon light code image illustrated by Didi and placed it near my bed and even though I usually journey in my dream time, this increased the frequency of the Journeys, the places I journey too and my connection with my dragon guides during meditation which enhanced

the quality of the meditation. Thank you Didi"  - Nada

"Channel and connect with your higher self and lightbeings is the most powerful with the artwork of Dea. Sinds I felt the energy of her paintings and drawings I wish to receive all the downloads. Your world starts truely when make connection with the Diamand light code. 
It is beyond Astral and Magical. Thank you from my heart and soul SistAr. My world is a higher place because of you. I am forever grateful for your gift." - Brigitte Van Acoleyen