Heart Resonance Practice & Transmission

Every Monday


Dubai, Online Live & Replay available

7:30pm to 9:30pm (GMT+4)

This session is specifically dedicated to build, expand and strengthen your energy body and spiritual capacity. We call this meditation practice: the “spiritual gym” to manifest the highest reality and benefits for yourself and the collective.


We come together to:

- Practice your zero point 

- Maintain a coherent energy field inside-out

- Open to energy support for your spiritual growth 

- Strengthen your 3rd eye connections, energy structure and grounding

- Access new heights of inner wisdom and remembering

- Receive more of your light quotient within your vessel

- Manifest with Heart Resonance a harmonious life with the least of resistance


This is an advance practice. If you are coming for the first time, connect with us priorly.

In this session you are engaging as an active actor of your self-realisation journey and active pillar of light for  human collective, to shift reality into peace and harmony. 

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Live online/ replay: AED 80

Monthly Package: AED 350

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Unconditional Love Group Healing 


Dubai, Online Live & Replay available

7:30pm to 9:00pm (GMT+4) - Free (contribution)

Once a month we invite you to allow your heart to be honoured and loved by you, to break free from resistance and to let the light of the Divine stream in. To receive unique experience, energy adjustments and self-realisation wherever you are in your life and spiritual growth. 


Is there a higher purpose in life, rather than vibrating and being UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? A state from which you create and manifest your life which vibrates liberation and glory. 

You are created uniquely and of Divine essence. There is no aspect of your life separate from your spiritual journey and there is no aspect of you that is not of divine origin.


What you may experience:

- A deep surrender and a heartfelt opening

- Receiving profound healing, alignment and resolution of conflicts

- Feeling elevated, solid in your core, in a state of bliss, in a state of peace and profound love for life

- Connecting to your inner guidance and wisdom

- Receiving spiritual surgery

- Opening to more of your greater self and divine light


Our personal sense is that these sessions strike a chord and resonate with those of you who are awakening your hearts at this time, to learn, to live from a place of wisdom, freedom, harmony, presence and service.

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Spiritual Intensive Full Day Immersion

A full day Intensive Ascension Practice & Transmission "5D Crystalline LightBody", with special Initiation and energy work.

Are you looking for a powerful spiritual practice for your Ascension? Amplify your 5D Manifestation? Activate your Higher Guidance? Activate your Cosmic Christ Heart, 5D Unconditional Love Frequency into the Mother Earth with the support of the Higher Realm? Practice Kundalini energy work ?

Learn, practice and receive lectures, guidance and transmission to activate and embody further your 5D Ascension Crystalline LightBody.



- Morning Physical and Energy practice

- Higher Mind, Light Body HigherSelf and I AM Presence.

- Higher Guides, Ascended Masters, Star Families and ArchAngels

- Diamond Light Code, Diamond Crystalline Light Body and Quadrant Code 5D DNA.

- Cosmic Christ Heart and 5D Unconditional Love Cosmic energy.

- Sacred Geometry, Heart Resonance 5D Manifestation

- ThirdEye energy work and expansion

There will be an educational talk before each practice.

The whole day session will be recorded, sliced and sent to all participates to continue the practice at home. 

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