Spiritual Journey
Sacred Sites Activation
2022, May 13th-20th

8 Days of Unique Spiritual Experience.
This is an all-inclusive 5 stars sacred-site activation tour into the ancient mysteries of Greece.

You will be part of an exclusive group and like-minded community along with a core team of experienced facilitators & channels from Ascension One and Ascension Pathway.

After Egypt and Turkey retreats, join us in Greece and partake in this unique tailor-made trail with 15 sacred sites of innate wisdom.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this one-off spiritual adventure!





3 Days Spiritual Ascension Retreat.
2019, December 12,13 & 14

at 5* Park Hyatt Saadiyat Island

Cosmic Christ Heart & Diamond Light Body immersion, to open up new access points and consciousness maturity that are lying dormant within you. You will welcome the power of your heart expansion to continue to grow your pathway to unity and enlightenment.

A unique program to make space for the amount of divine life force and infinite love you are able to embody and experience as your truth.

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