A Project for Global Change.

You are a LightKeeper and you are being led into it by the progress of life itself.

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A whole new universe is coming to consciousness.

You are experiencing life at the center of a dynamic, interconnected, 

for you start sharing this unity experience with others in global coherence.

Is there a higher purpose in life, rather than vibrating and being Unconditional Love? A state from which you create and manifest your life from a harmonious and peaceful presence. The moment you open your unconsciousness to it, you can tap into this unlimited source of information.

When you are guided to this pathway, you consider more deeply the nature of your own individuality in relation to the only "I AM", the universal force, the source of all existence, god, the creator. Those who are in total resonance with it, are leading the world in the free-flowing sharing of love and beauty. You are reawakening your sparkle of eternal light, igniting your inner power within your own heart as part of the Heart of the One, and through this vibration we are all connected to each other.

You are created uniquely and of Divine essence. There is no aspect of your life separated from your spiritual journey and there is no aspect of you that is not of divine origin.

The ULOVE project is to lead to that clear pathway to divinity via our heart. A journey of love that crosses cultural and religious traditions for peace, love and harmony.

Will you remember that all is divinity manifesting and nothing exists outside of it? All is perfectly designed to help you fulfill your being, live your truth, experience your power and reside in the perfection of your divine loving heart. Where every single living person contributes to a collective field environment.

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Our dedication and commitment

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The birth of ULOVE project & community

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Being a part of ulove family and a beautiful global project is a blessing for me . What is really important for me that it is based on experience , practice and collective effort and not just information . What is amazing about it that Mathilde and George are always there for you. I deeply respect Their dedication and commitment towards healing the humanity and Mother Earth .

Eva Kerr


The Ulove project is a life changing course. It helps us to see life from a very different perspectives. You get into a state where you are attracting miracles. This is one of the few teachings out there that helped me in real life




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We are providing a full, complete and focus support for the evolution and transformation of human consciousness to;

- Assist individuals to move towards liberation and the process of global ascension through the contribution of our knowing, knowledge, wisdom, practice and higher guidance.

- Help humanity to realize it’s own divinity and support people into this realization through understanding and direct experience.

- Serve as a bridge to higher dimensions of consciousness and give people the steps and sequences needed to embody their divine potential.

- (Re)connect with Mother Gaia and the Galactic Central Sun, anchoring in the Diamond Heart to solidify the New Earth Crystalline grid as preparing your Solar Light Body into Ascension. 

- Operate at higher dimensions of frequency, using the pure intention of self-empowerment and ultimately spiritual liberation.



Starting with Unity Project

In 2016 started the Unity Project, weekly sessions and the energy practices were held to anchor peace and alignment in middle east and the land of Syria. We received informational codes to further anchor the Christ Unity Consciousness into the surface of exciting Earth grid channel points, by initiating and building an Unconditional Love and Unity Vortex in Dubai in order to extent it throughout UAE and Middle East.


Growing into Ascension Project

At the completion of the cease of fire in Syria in 2017, the guidance took another turn where Unity Project shifted into Ascension Project involving this time many bright Souls, Light-workers, wayshowers and Grid-programmers, resulting in successfully holding a strong vortex that opened-up many High-frequency portals and Crystal grid nodes resonance into Ascension frequency timeline. 

In the readiness to integrate more of our higher crystalline energy templates for our Divine Christic Self Embodiment, the Ascension Pathway courses were born, to initiate many in their cosmic heart diamond light body, channel reconnection and Heart Resonance 5D manifestation.  All and All in One Heart. 


Opening to the ULOVE crystalline Grid 

In this time of rapid shift where the Ascension of mankind is not only organic but inevitable, the readiness of the Earth Plane evolved to receive the Unconditional Love project (ULOVE) in 2019, at first in an incubation state with our beloved Ascension family till its emergence into the light in May 2019. Opening up to the creation of a new crystalline grid energy network around Mother Earth.


The crystalline grid is growing every day, anchored by crystal grids vortexes and is being amplified by a group of dedicated practitioners and Lightkeepers. These engaged souls are experiencing miracles themselves and embodying the bigger vision of change and transformation. The ULOVE training program was born to initiate and train many to hold the ULOVE eternal flame, and create vortexes.

The new grid is to assist and infuse, without conditions, all life forms and lands with Christ Consciousness energy being the essence of the Eternal flame of Unconditional Love. It is to reawaken first and fore most the light of creation within individuals for the greater good of humanity.

This energy work has been confirmed by several channelers tapping into this field, the project and energy are supported by all densities including many non-physical energies like Elementals, higher realms, Archangels, Elohim, Christ-Buddha consciousness, royal guardians and many more. For growing a field of instant manifestations and miracles for everyone to benefit from it and step into their divine sovereignty in voicing their truth for self-soul realization.

This global project which is striking a chord and resonating with those of you who are awakening your hearts at this time, to learn, to live from a place of harmony, support, transformation, manifestation and service. It is to remember that even one person can change the course of humanity collective, vibrating a resonance for peace, sacred union and Golden Age.

Leading to the heart opening of the community

The nucleus is so robust that we rose to offer strong support, a place for sharing and self-expression, a space for empowerment and rapid growth, an environment vibrating passionate Love for the all creation. And at Ascension Pathway, with all the LightKeepers, we are welcoming you to partake in the goodness of life, the deliciousness of love. You are held, you are loved, we are loved.