A Project for Global Change.

You are a LightKeeper and you are being led into it by the progress of life itself.

Free - On contribution basis

In this session you will receive an attunement to ULOVE energy field and activate its essence frequency within your energy body and your crystals

You will embrace and embody furthermore the core of your Divine power to raise the frequency of Mother Earth and Humanity Collective Consciousness.

Saying yes to become a LightKeeper to transmute negative energy into highest frequency of Love&Light
Saying yes to shift your reality/life from duality into harmony and Unity.


What will be shared, received and practiced

1. What is ULOVE attunement, project and initiative?
2. What is it used for, its purpose and how do you benefit from it for your self healing, surroundings and in your holistic practice?service?
3. What is a crystal grid, a vortex, an earth grid and their purpose.
4. Remembering and experiencing the amplitude of the ULOVE  frequency
5. You will receive a Heart attunememt with ULOVE  field
6. A Crystal attunement with ULove field and Crystalline Royal guardian
7. A Higher chakras attunement with HigherRealm (or higher consciousness) guidance
8. How to expand, maintain and grow the eternal light and becoming a ULOVE  LightKeeper.

What you need to bring with you

1. Your Main/biggest 2-3 crystals (if you do not have one, we have a plenty for sale)
2. Your 2-3 favorite essential oils
3. Bottle of Water to refill with our Super Alkaline Water (Kangen)
4. Notebook, pen

This 4h attunement will give you the opportunity to enroll in the training program to be attuned as keeper and practitioner of the Eternal Light of Unconditional Love to transmute lower-frequency energy into highest-frequency of Love&Light. 

Watch the 4h Attunement of ULOVE Eternal flame

June 8, 2019

Watch the 30min Intro

Watch the 4h Attunement of ULOVE Eternal flame

June 29, 2019

Watch Part 1 - 60min

Thank you for your Heart contribution.