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Sound Therapy & Autism

Last week, I put together a private course "Level 1-Sound Therapy" specially focused on children with Autism. That was a revelation for the Mother, connecting the dots and shifting level of consciousness. From a helpless mind-set to an empowered Mother-Therapist. Understanding what is happening in the brain and body of an autist child, the triggers of his behaviors, the energy matrix, the physical aspects, the roots, the solutions, the transformation and her role.

Following the course I have been asked "how Sound Therapy is different?", so here is what you should know about Autism (explained from a broad spectrum) and why the sound is inevitable to assist the child to improve his coordination, sensory integration and emotional state.


So generally and to be understood to all, autistic children are not hearing higher tones, their brain hemispheres are not firing properly, they have a left dominant ear meaning that they are not able to filter and process the quantity of message units called as mental noise, and their body have an overall frequency that runs more than double comparing to a normal human (200-500Hz as compared to 50-100Hz). The above is being manifested through hyper activity, beating self, abrupt moves (..) mostly triggered to release serotonin to calm down the brain, or on the contrary it is being manifested with non-sociable behaviors being an automatic self-protection response to create a barrier to message units perceived like bombs. They oscillate between these two states, in various degree depending on their autism conditions. On a physiology point of view the main aspect to remember is that their brainwaves are not regulated (excess of theta, Delta and Gamma) and very poor Beta and Alpha (being the focus, lateral clarity and coordination).


Now how does the brain trigger and receive information? it does trough both electrical and chemical signals (frequency and alchemy .. here they are!). Which makes Sound a prime nutrient for the brain, and second is light.

Sound Therapy through the entrainment from the multiple tones and harmonics of the tibetan singing bowls, works on numerous levels but in priority it allows the brain to repattern itself improving the sensory integration of the child by stimulating the entire auditory system. You may have noticed that most of the autistic children create continuous humming sounds? this is to block the mental noise, so instead he will use the resonance of the tibetan bowls to do so, giving him a sense of calm and mental peace.

With the entrainment, the brainwave pattern will also automatically shift, balancing both hemispheres of the brain, developing ears muscles and bringing the body into balance. The body is being recalibrated. This balance between the auditory and physical body is a fundamental prerequisite for language and learning. I tried to make it short and not to complicated on the physiological and physical level, but there is a deeper understanding on how the sounds reactivate the brain parts, the hemispheres, the senses, languages, movement, etc.


On a higher consciousness and spiritual level, we know how sound therapy acts to alchemise, transmute, shift and reprogram on all our systems/bodies. We are also aware that most of kids "stated autistic" are actually genius, amazingly gifted with superb strong connections, but they need to be guided and supported to develop their talents and master their energy.

In addition I strongly suggest to work with the mother, the aim is for the autistic child to tap into his memories as a fetus and recollect his perfect auditory mapping before birth.

Also as we believe that we are made of layers of energy we are also working with the child’s spirit guides and higher-self.

And finally we can combine the sound frequency with light frequency (Light patterns) to stimulate further the cortex, the cerebellum, brain stem, corpus collosum and lymphatic system.

Yogi George and myself have been working with children stated by the medical field as Bipolar or Autistic, the sessions resulted for theses kids in life change behaviors and growth.

Thank you for taking the time to read this first article about sound therapy and autism, I look forward to sharing more in details this deep work soon, sharing the growth, change, results and improvement. The message received along with it, is the release of collective blueprints, opening the safe and loving pathways to high frequency children on our New Earth.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks.

With Love, Diamond Golden light and blessings to your Heart.

Mathilde Lumiere ElyiahRa

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