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8:8 portal transmission debrief and 11:08 New moon solar eclipse Self-Care

The exquisite group of griprogrammers and lightening rods completed the transmission of high vibrational downloads which activates DNA & galactic remembering for higher awakening, in bringing an ascension streamed wave at the planetary scale. We are thankful for your complete readiness and excitement of being an anchor of the Golden Age Infinite abundance and eternal peace. This vortex gathering was a gift to all and in Love for all.

House was full and online attendance at the pick!



WHAT IS A GALACTIC TRANSMISSION AT ASCENSION PLATFORMS? In this potent cosmic alignment we received a full journey of ascension particle convergence, and this is how it happened:

8:8 Lion's gate session 2018

- We start by preparing the physical containers to receive the sonic impulses (breathing, chakra gates opening, heart matrix expansion)

- Then we open the vortex in invoking the quadrillion Divine qualities & diamond codes with the archangels assistance (for full vortex opening check the Heart Resonance 5D manifestation, or register to the course)

- Our Lyra counterparts brought the higher selves for clearing and healing old negative karmic agreement, vows, contracts, fears, implants, releasing the programing of polarities in agreeing on the one spectrum of Love unity. Claiming the rights of free will as a soul of light in order to prepare for the DNA recalibration & activation.

- Declaring our I AM presence.

- Then was called Lord Serapis Bey to converge timelines and build the blueprint template of the pyramid of Giza (initial initiation and transmission from Serapis Bey on the 18th June - replay available)

- Merging realities and sitting in the King chamber, calling forth the 12th dimensions energy matrix (the interdimensional portals) and the orders and company of Heaven & Earth, to return to our fullest expression of our soul potential.

- Giving the permission and declaring to receive the 5th dimensional crystalline patterns through the crown, heart and cerebellum chakra lifting us into alignment with the 5th dimensional frequencies of the new earth.

- Receiving the surge of light through the star gate alignment galactic central sun, Sirius-Orion, Sun-Earth, for clearing & activating the individual and collective akashic karmic records through the sphinx grid point.

- Anchoring the light so it waves through the Diamond Earth Grid connecting to all the pyramids at all planetary grid points (etheric and physical).

- Encoding deeper the solar radiation and new waveform configuration that was modified by the new light. Amount of higher presence and consciousness were assisting and helping. Many ancient Egypt presence and beings came as a representation of the feline and canine Sirius races. Empowering this new cycle with further light codes and light language transmission.

- Visualising the greater, the quantum of light that we anchored on the new earth spreading through all the ley lines and vortexes, the earth grid becoming a diamond platinum flower of life.

- The Order of Melchizedek consciousness connected to reactivate the pathways to the ancient mystery alchemy school initiations and remembering. Bringing back to memory the magician alchemist of Golden Age that we are.

-Transmission almost complete, we were being place on a golden spiral, for the divine sacred union encodement. Isis and Osiris as the twin flame embodiment led the activation assisted by the central sun (Alpha and Omega), lighting up the unity consciousness codex (the christ consciousness golden halo around the heart - transmission from 30th july), birthing the trinity, with Horus, the holy spirit (higher self), activating the Christ consciousness embodiment.

- And we close gently in anchoring the energies, initiating the group as gatekeepers. An alchemised ascension session as we love them !

Join the next ones and be an active pillar of light for your soul and humanity evolution.


This is the 3rd one and last eclipse of the season.The closure of the trinity of eclipse, anchoring the Divine Sacred union Mother, father, child / mind, body, soul / crown, mother, maiden /son, father, holy spirit. The trinity that births the christ consciousness, the unity consciousness within.

This is all about your light. What are you seeding on the 11:8 that is anchoring your new spiritual cycle? A perfect opportunity to step into a new light in your life and the Sun, to move things and embrace more freedom and joy.

The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one.

The moon represents our emotions.

The sun is reflected our mind / higher mind.

The new moon solar eclipse is opening the doorway to the heart energy matrix.

It means all possibilities are available to you and you can literally create and manifest your purest soul heart desires. It is time to believe, trust, being bold in your desires to create love unity and harmony on earth, to live your excitement and joy, to rise and activate your heart 5D manifestation! Remember that you have planned the best from the beginning, align, reclaim and embrace.

Tools & reflection

So what is it that you want to seed, to create, to manifest? How was the last 6 weeks for you? what evolved, changed, came into your life or left your life? What are you anchoring on the 11:8 that is seeding your new spiritual cycle? What are your profound desires that are longing to radiate and be your truth? What is your core essence and virtues that wish to be expressed and how? How do you define your relationships? Are these energies/emotions/beliefs support your soul growth? If not you can declare that “I give myself the permission to dissolve what is not align with my 5th dimensional energy and reclaim …… (name it)” How does your next cycle look like, and bring the light in it, send it through the universe and receive back fully magnetised.

- Remember to ground - Journal, create your intention. - Essential oils: choose some root essence (sandalwood, cedar, patchouli, vétiver...) - Food: eating ground fruits/vegetables (growing in the earth) - Energise your water with your intention and drink it thoroughly - Crystals can be cleansed in the soil / earth - A salted bath with essential oils is always a nourishing moment to cleanse and prepare yourself before your new moon ritual

Integrating the sunlight from our Lion peaceful warrior!

Many blessings to your heart, for choosing to dedicate yourself to this journey of ascension awakening and grounding your spiritual light into your beautiful physical body. We are honoured to be your guides within in this time of remarkable transformation. From our Hearts to yours. With Love and Golden Diamond Light.

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