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Collective Activation 29.01.18 Energy Updates

January Solar-Lunar Energies

Yesterday during our Monday collective session (29.91.18) we dived into the cosmic stargate alignment and activation of this vibrant Lunar eclipse's energies. In the last couple of weeks, we went through a recalibration of our systems, and we are now welcomed in our new cycle of Spiritual growth as we are bathing in a Vibrant influx of solar sonar energies. We have finally completed the transition to higher trajectory collective timelines that started last August. All is now aligned for ever going, expensive energetic milestones this year. Welcome in your 5D manifestation cycle!

Mastering your presence in the present

In this 31st January cosmic pathway, one of the main energetic theme and lesson we received for your ascension path is to become sensitive to the new energies, in staying in the moment, in being present in practicing/learning a new level of self-mastery. To trust your truth in the now.

As the consistent influxes will from now on be ever-increasing, we attune to being in the moment as these openings and anchorings present. Learn to navigate in perfect balance between the 3D linear time and the new earth grid system that is multidimensional. Remember that our perception of time is changing in a nonlinear state as the magnetic field of mother earth is shifting.

Grounding your reality

This is why we have been lately emphasizing strongly on the importance of grounding for balancing, integrating and stimulating the ascending and descending currents of incoming light (codes). Strengthening your lower chakras and body for manifestation. Remember also, that you are invited to our morning ascension essentials every monday and thursday, to practice grounding and channels/vortex activation. A very powerful start so your day aligns beautifully!

Voicing your Heart frequency

What is being spoken is being manifested. You are voicing out the frequency of your Heart desires. Your choices are grounding your expression and realization into your reality. It is time to ground your new vibrant excitement, you are ready and the energies are coming your way with opportunities and signs.

Trust your heart, center in your heart space, and vibrate high in your Self-Love so it is reflected in your outer world. You may continue even more consciously to choose at all times what vibrates your excitement, soul contentment and love to yourself at the highest, continue to choose your higher timeline, to align your heart, actions, words and every moment choices with it. Be in the now moment as we said. Trust your Truth.

If other vibrations than joy and love rise, we want you to shift your perception into

Excitement. Each opportunity to grow and learn is a time of excitement even if the fears based emotions, wounds, traumas, memories, old patterns are being triggered. Each moment there is a misalignment there is an opportunity to recentre wiser, empower, transmute and dissolve into Love. In doing so you are also vibrating the reintegration of your Sacred feminine and sacred masculine (the emotional flow and the directed actions).

Cosmic Stargate Affirmation

We are sharing with you one of the affirmation received yesterday during the collective activation, a key to shift into your truth and flow from a higher level of awareness.

“I trust my truth, I manifest in an organic flow as I remain center in my heart, diamond heart and higher vibration of co-creation. I call with unconditional grace to fully activate the descending power so divine light, Love and grace may manifest itself in the world. May I be present and embodied divinity. I ground myself in the loving embrace of Mother Earth Gaia and her crystalline core. My Light descends to Earth as an act of Love. Through unconditional Love and my own free will. So be It."

We thank you for joining together and co-creating the revelation of the New Earth Golden Diamond Age in this Now.

With High Crystalline Frequency of Love, Light and Unity to your Diamond Heart.

Mathilde Lumiere ElyiahRa

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