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Clearing past Consciousness and Identification


It is about shifting and clearing the way we think, perceive and behave so the Divine can bring the genius opportunities and solutions to situations that our more limited thinking might deem unsolvable or unavoidable. It is about getting our own way, learning to feel comfortable with not knowing how something is going to work out and still trusting that it will. This is the ultimate attitude of trusting optimism that leads to our surrender.

You will know you need this healing process if you feel stuck in how you expect things should be or should have been. If things are not matching up to your expectations no matter how hard you try and pray for this, in which case surrendering your attitudes, perceptions, thoughts forms, beliefs, identification and emotions will help you gain the wisdom, freedom and enlightenment.

Consciousness is God’s expression in all forms, Light and Dark are both a Divine expression of the Source, so we remember how to Love ourselves more, the harmony within, which is ultimately where we trust ourselves. That is the Divine, it is the paradox of light and dark, the enormity of all that is - for what else is there but Divinity? We don’t pretend that we are Divine to the exclusion of the rest of creation, we just play our part in unfolding of the big, spiritual drama of life.

Anyone who gains wisdom through a traumatic experience will know that the dark is a powerful teacher for lessons that haven't been learnt yet. Transcending from the struggle between the light and dark within us, and in the world around us, allowing us to simply walk the path of Love, to give birth to the divine being who choose to live in the heart.

When we are ready to walk the path of Love and to serve love above all else - even above our judgement of darkness or our desire for no more suffering - we move into acceptance and total surrender to the unfathomable Divine plan of creation. Our Heart doesn’t need logic, only wisdom, Love, exciting purpose and conviction.

In the healing process we are simply saying that we are ready to surrender our identification with our struggles. We are no longer the struggles anymore. It is how we respond to things, people and situations that matters not our opinion of them. Do we discern the truth and act accordingly, without judgment but wit a firm sense of the choice that resonates with your heart. Once this is processed, it is time to dissolve, end, terminate, let the attachments go/die to welcome our true authentic self in its total freedom, light, courage, love and wisdom.

It is so much easier to be open to life once we have shifted any old wounds about indignity or shame, and have thereby opened up to a fundamental realization of our innate worth. When we give ourselves permission to cultivate self-respect and self-worth, we naturally behave differently. We stop believing that we have to defend ourselves against our life experiences and instead believe that life wants to nurture us into being.

This is called Self-Mastery, the ultimate remembering of our role as a 5th dimension master who commands all our needs from the universe living in total bliss.

With Love & Diamond Golden Light to all your hearts and spiritual ascension. Mathilde Lumiere ElyiahRa

φ Listen to the Meditation here:

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