Fall Equinox & Solar Rings upgrades

September 18, 2018

If you have followed our energy updates you have heard about the Sun radiating new Ascension plasma waves sent in mass to the Earth through electromagnetic radiation. This is happening around the Equinox time till the end of September month.



What’s happening in short?


The sun is going through a huge magnetic change as part of the solar cycle. It mean is shifting itself inside out, it starts to invert the plasmic force (the light, the corona energy if you will).


Remember that our star is the portal from which our solar system evolves. The sun consciousness, the heart of our planetary system and our higher-selves collective consciousness agree on releasing expansion and awakening into the next level of Ascension with information influx and DNA encodement.


Planet Earth is a 4th Density being right now, it means that we are shifting in a transitory cycle from 3rd density to 4th density, or what you would know as from 4th dimension to 5th dimension.


At this moment, a multitude is happening around our sun star, and will be revealed over time to prepare the most powerful and strongest wave so far in our Era for a global humanity collective shift.


It is a result of galactic negotiation, discussion and collaboration so the amount of energy distributed from the sun for an induced intervention is regulated and buffered through the next decades and more so humanity absorb the transition with a maximum of ease. For this effect some “prisms” are dispersed around the sun to absorb the solar flash and distribute the magnetised energy at the right amount.


The sun is also a transversal portal, from which spacecrafts are emerging and placed around for protection formation and solar point regulators… Being very much visible, no wonder that all solar observation centers around the world have closed, so the information doesn’t get published to the mass, the collective is getting ready for discloser!


Well, as of now, the galactic assistance send their presence and absorption support, and those still in physical form are parking their interstellar fleets and spaceships above the planet chakras and grid nods to assist in the most intense period out of all the other spans.


Welcome in a new phase of magnitude fluctuation playing out sequences leading to a large combination of future events, all part of the process and the mechanics of the New Earth, this is part of the universal cycle.



When does it start?

Now, and we have opened yesterday in the monday group session the energy bodies and field to receive and flow with ease in the next two weeks of strong magnitude.

Moving forward with the upcoming solar waves


It is time to work and continue working with all your internal matters, to work in togetherness and bringing more self-love and compassion to yourselves. What is left incomplete within, left ignored will become active out as you are unfolding yourself in your realisation of how much you are a creator, how much malleable reality is and how much you experience the vastness of the infinite possibilities in your zero point. As the sun begins to unfolds itself and emits this energy, as the Earth unfolds herself beginning the transitory dimensional shift, as above so below, you yourself are unfolding inside out.


You understand now that we are at a point of no return, and you are creating more transformation within yourself based on how you feel and perceive your inner-outer world. It is accelerating. You are participating. You are elevating. You have agreed on the Ascension timeline, all is well.